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EXOVIX Rules and Regulations!



EXOVIX has always been a place for free and protected speech, allowing adult industry professionals the ability to share insight and knowledge, as well as getting to know each other and network.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but make no mistake. If we feel you are getting out of hand we have no qualms about banning your ass.


Follow these simple rules:



  1. If a user is creating a public disturbance or uses admin/moderator resources without valid submission, he can be banned.
  2. No SIG/SEO/URL/ANYTHING spamming. Posting with the intent of only drawing attention to your sig with either text or an image or to your URL will be considered SPAM. This type of spam will generate a warning, and the second violation will result in a ban, but it can be also executed permanently ban if spamming is too severe. Abuse will not be tolerated. 
  3. Signature rules. Maximum 120x60 button and no more than 3 lines of text. Unless your sig is for an EXOVIX top banner sponsor, you may use a 624x80 instead of a 120x60. Yes, there is a reason this is so big. Also putting your text in a cell and making it look like a button is against the rules. Let me repeat... A 120 x 60 button and no more than 3 lines of text. Over-the-top sigs will be deleted without warning!
  4. Private Messaging rules. Abuse will not be tolerated, the private messaging system is meant to be used as a business tool to be able to allow users to connect with each other. Abuse in any fashion will be grounds for immediate banning.
  5. Do not post people's personal information, or attack people's personal lives or families, stick to the issues and the bullshit. ANY WHOIS information is considered public information, it is not considered personal information. So don't bitch at us if you put your home address as your personal info on WHOIS.
  6. Excessive harassment or verbal abuse of a single member will be grounds for a warning. Inciting others to harass or verbally abuse a member will also generate the same warning. Repeated violations after a warning will result in the ban hammer!
  7. Racial slurs and the use of racial slurs will result in a banning. Racial slurs will no longer be tolerated in any format.
  8. Illegal Sites & PEDO. Don't post links to illegal sites. Calling someone a Pedo, Referring to them as a Pedo, Stating they promote Pedo, posting Pedo links, and Death Threats are now grounds for immediate banning. Pedo material should also not be posted on EXOVIX. This should be sent to ASACP | Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection or to your local law enforcement. Violations will be warnings first and banned if the violation is repeated.
  9. Posting images of death, dismemberment, or animal cruelty will not be permitted and will be removed. Violation will result in a banning. We don't want to see that shit here!
  10. False accusations against a person or company. We all want to know what companies and individuals have done us wrong. Just make sure you back any claims you make up with solid proof. If you plan on calling someone a scammer, liar, cheat, or anything else, have your proof in order and post it with your claim. False accusations will be grounds for immediate banning.
  11. Insinuations Meant to Do Harm Any insinuations made in an attempt to do harm to a person (personal attack) or business, shall be grounds for immediate banning.
  12. One username is allowed. Fake usernames will be immediately banned. If it is determined that a user has circumvented the banned user terms laid out below and re-registered with a second username to access the board. The user will have the original banned username deleted!
  13. Fake Nick Ban Circumvention If you are banned take it like a MAN! Registering a new nick will lead to that nick being banned and your original nick finding another violation added to it. Also, if you are a legit user, but you are letting a banned user use your nick in any sense, it will be seen as that user's fake nick and cause your nick to be instantly permabanned.


***Rules violations will lead to nickname banning


The banning schedule is as follows:

1st violation - 1-month banning
2nd violation - 3-month banning
3rd violation - 6-month banning
4th violation - BANNED FOR LIFE


If your penalty was too severe, you might be banned for life immediately. In that case, the answer will always be NO you can not come back.


EXOVIX is a network of industry professionals. We all like to have fun and enjoy shooting the shit and talking the occasional trash to each other. If you see anyone in violation of these rules please contact a MOD immediately, you will not be called out in any way, in the end, the MODs can not see everything and we appreciate everyone's help in keeping the peace. Please email with any violations and questionable posts.


EXOVIX is under the protection of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act



Posted : 23/12/2022 3:32 am
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